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Heavy Burgers was proudly founded on 1/14/2021 by BroncoBraska LLC owners, William Hancock and Michael Grinnell.

This all started as a silly joke, then it became a dream, and now it is finally a reality. We have combined our experience in the food/beverage industry of over 50 years to bring this food truck to you. Our love of quality burgers is apparent by our heavy physiques. We will strive for excellence with every single burger and basket of hand-cut fries that comes out of our truck. We will also strive to use the best, local ingredients as much as possible.

We are so excited for this adventure and we can’t wait to make some badass burgers for you, Farmington! If you’d like to place an order online for Heavy Burgers Food Truck 1, click HERE. For Heavy Burgers Food Truck 2, click HERE.

Heavy Burgers Food Truck 1 is open at Lauter Haus Brewing Tuesday-Saturday from 11:30-8ish. We’re also open on Sundays for brunch, 11:00-3ish. Heavy Burgers Food Truck 2 is parked at Rambler Taproom on Friday nights from 4:30-7:30, and will be coming soon to Aztec on Saturday’s and Sundays in February.

Mission/Vision Statement

Heavy Burgers is an imaginative mobile food truck company aimed at offering gourmet, artisan, competitively priced, sometimes unusual burgers in customizable forms using as many high quality and local ingredients as possible. We pride ourselves on being members of a local community that embodies hard work, honesty, passion, and innovation. We hope to become a regionally recognized brand and eventually have multiple trucks that can offer a wide variety of regional foods inspired by our combined experience of over 50 years in the food/beverage industry. Our goal is moderate growth and annual profitability all while generating a creative and fun atmosphere not only for the owners/workers but for the customers too. We continue to competitively priced provide career opportunities to those in our community (LGBTQ+, single parents, minorities, and anyone that wants to make great money and have a stable career).

Core Values

Heavy Burgers will always strive to provide fresh, handcrafted burgers and fries as well as other custom creations using the highest quality and locally sourced ingredients. We also strive to offer as many healthy options as we possibly can while accommodating those with diet restrictions and food sensitivities (low carb, gluten free, and meatless options are always available). We also take great pride in taking care of our team members with great hourly rates, paid sick leave, free gym memberships, and free food. We will achieve everything we want to do in this world through execution of our core values:

  • Honesty
  • Passion
  • Hard Work
  • Innovation
  • Creativity
  • Love